Should I start working immediately after graduating?

First School, then University, then Working... Right? Anybody? This is the accepted way of doing things - but is it the only way?

Should I start working immediately after graduating?

First School, then University, then Working... Right? Anybody?

The progression above is kind of the accepted way of doing things. Complete your schooling years and try and get into university. During your time at university, you have the time of your life, dream your biggest dreams, and maybe meet the love of your life. But then it ends. Now you have to start working. Work, work, and some more work.

The question we all have somewhere in our lives

Should I start working for someone else now? Or should I maybe pursue that idea I have at the back of my head? Most would argue that they cannot pursue their dream right now, because they do not have any capital.

But, there are some other things you also do not have:

  • Kids (Hopefully)
  • House Bond Repayment
  • Debt (If you are fortunate enough to be in this position)
  • In general, any big responsibilities.

In all honesty, you probably only have 1 thing - TIME

If you start working immediately after finishing your studies, you will probably be in your early twenties. Considering that people work until they are 60+ years old, you will spend the following 40 years of your life working.

Would it really make such a big difference?

I would like to challenge you to consider what difference it would make if you spend a year or two actually pursuing the dream you have. Best case scenario? It works out and you spend the next 40 years doing what you love. Worst case scenario? It does not work out and you spend the next 38 years of your life doing what you anyway planned on doing for 40 years.

The difference is, that you will know that you tried. Most likely, after you have tried the first thing, you will pivot and move on to the next.

The next thing you are going to remind me of: “Yes, I have time, but I do not have any MONEY?”

It's all about the money, money, money!

I would like to argue that this is probably the best thing about your scenario. In my experience, if you have enough money, then you spend more than necessary. The secret to any business is to achieve as much as possible, by spending as little as possible. The difference is PROFIT.

The fact that you have no or little money at the moment will teach you to be resourceful. If you do not have a lot of money to spend, then you have no choice but to make the best with what little you have.

So when should I start working?

  • If your dream has always been to be a career-driven person, go for it, and start working ASAP.
  • If you have a dream that you would like to pursue, definitely go for it now. The worst thing that can happen is, that it does not work and then you can go back to the path you were going to pursue.
  • Except; you have heaps of experience for your next venture.

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